World Cultural Diversity Day

Jun 13, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Children at Eastfield Primary celebrated their school’s diversity with a World Cultural Day.

Pupils came to school dressed in traditional clothing and sang songs in different languages. Their parents also cooked and brought in dishes for the school community to try. 

The event was organised by the school’s Equalities Team, which raises awareness of inequality and promotes conversations about diversity among the children.

Roksana Hussain, Deputy Headteacher, explains: “One of the best things about our school is the wide range of cultures represented in our children, parents and staff, and we wanted to show off this amazing diversity with a full day of celebrations!

“An amazing 26+ different languages are spoken by our pupils and their families, and our Eastfield Primary community consists of a wide range of religions and belief systems, which makes us a fun and culturally vibrant place to learn and play.”

The cultural day also raised £175 to help the school buy new resources for the children.