Churchfield’s new library

Mar 4, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Pupils at Churchfield Primary School got a surprise on World Book Day when they discovered that an old classroom had been converted into a new library with hundreds of books.

The children had no idea that the unused classroom had been transformed into a dedicated space for them to nurture their love of reading. As well as enjoying 400 new print books, the children will now be able to use one of five new e-readers and have access to e-book and audio libraries online.

The library was funded by the Make More of Tomorrow programme, delivered by the National Literacy Trust, J P Morgan and Puffin, which supports school libraries in underprivileged areas of the country. Research has shown that when children read for pleasure they do better at school, show more empathy and report higher levels of wellbeing. However, many children don’t have access to books at home. 

Churchfield headteacher, Natalie Lorkins, explains: “Promoting reading for pleasure is a top priority for us but our old library wasn’t fit for purpose. It consisted of a few shelves crammed into a corridor and it wasn’t a cosy, inviting space where children could curl up with a good book. Our shelves were looking bare too because we lost a lot of books that were borrowed during lockdown and haven’t made it back to school yet.”

Natalie adds: “We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get the library ready for World Book Day and we surprised the children by taking them to see it for the first time. The look of joy and excitement on their faces was amazing. They now have a wonderful new room full of brilliant books and an inspiring, relaxing space to enjoy reading them.”

Ten-year-old pupil Eren, says: “The new library is spectacular and it really made me feel like I can let my imagination run wild. I loved all the new books in there!”

Eli, also ten, adds: “The sitting space in there is fabulous and that room is way better than I imagined. It really makes me want to read.”