Leaders Like You – The Ivy Trust features on The Key

by | Nov 13, 2019 | News | 0 comments

We were delighted to be asked to feature on The Key, talking about our Trust and the principles that it’s built on.

As part of its Leaders Like You series, Trust Leader, Matthew Kleiner-Mann, outlined our four principles, including his belief that local leaders know their schools best. He also talked about how we’re making it easier for schools to make a difference.

The Ivy Trust is a family of seven schools based in north London and Hertfordshire. Matthew says: “Since we’ve formed only one of our schools is a sponsored academy. All the rest are good or outstanding schools. They joined because they want to be part of that family.

“They see the value in terms of economies of scale and a bit of financial gain but it’s actually more important being part of that collegiate atmosphere within the schools and the guarantee that it’s their autonomy in terms of teaching and learning.”

Watch his story here: