Larkspur celebrates new library

May 23, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Children at Larkspur Primary School now have a brand-new library with 300 extra books to enjoy, thanks to a charity which promotes the pleasure of reading. 

The old dark and uninviting library has been replaced with a modern, bright space. It has a diverse selection of books to help inspire pupils as well as encouraging them to become confident, independent readers.  

Funding for the library was secured by Give a Book, which works with schools, prisons and other organisations to support children and adults with books throughout the UK. The charity also gifted books to Larkspur children when they returned to school after the covid lockdown and at Christmas, and it has arranged author talks too. 

Kerry McEwan, headteacher at Larkspur, says: “The old library was uninviting and uninspiring. We encourage reading for pleasure but there was no pleasure in that space. It was a thoroughfare that children ran through on the way to somewhere else.

“I wanted the library to become a destination; a space where children enjoyed spending time. Thanks to Give a Book, I was able to work with designers to create a library tailor-made for our school. The new library is beautiful – it’s bright, inspirational, infused with our school values and, most importantly, it’s now a central part of the school.” 

Kerry adds: “Pupils of all ages are using and enjoying the space now, both as part of whole class sessions and individually. Getting that joy of reading back after the pandemic is a priority for us and the library is a huge step forward to achieving it.” 

Tobias Sexton, a Year Four pupil at Larkspur, says: “The new library has so many books, so there is a huge variety to choose from. I read in there much more than I used to in the old library, and I can take books home to read each week too. It’s definitely encouraged me to read and enjoy books more.” 

Mima Edye-Lindner, Project Manager at Give a Book, says: “When I walked into the library at Larkspur my jaw dropped. I’d seen the library space in pictures, but nothing compared to the real thing. I immediately felt safe, welcomed, and began browsing for books wanting to sit on a toadstool cushion and get stuck in. 

“The library is really at the heart of the school, both literally and figuratively, and this really came through after speaking to some of the pupils. Kerry has put her heart and soul into creating an environment in the school that cherishes books and cultivates reading for pleasure among the pupils. We all walked away with smiles.”