Keep children learning during lockdown

by | Jan 20, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Can you help us to keep all our children learning during the Covid crisis?

Ten months into the pandemic, most of the 3,000 children across our eight primary schools are learning from home yet again. Our schools have worked tirelessly to move learning online but they face a major barrier.

Many families don’t have the basic technology needed to access remote learning. In some households several siblings have to take it in turns use the only device available – often a mobile phone. In others they don’t have internet access, let alone a laptop.

We already know the devastating effect this can have on children’s education, having seen the impact of the first lockdown last spring. We can’t let it get even worse.

Although the government is providing devices to schools, unfortunately it’s simply not enough to go round. Figures from The Sutton Trust  show that in the first week of the January 2021 lockdown, just 10% of teachers reported that all their students have adequate access to a device for remote learning. Two thirds of schools have used their own resources to buy IT equipment for pupils. Secondary schools have been prioritised by government funding, leaving many primary schools struggling.

We’re crowdfunding to raise money for laptops and dongles to support vulnerable and disadvantaged children. You can read more and donate on our GoFundMe page.

Thank you for your support.