Churchfield pupils relaunch Daily Mile

Mar 15, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Children at Churchfield Primary School relaunched their commitment to The Daily Mile with a special warm-up, thanks to personal trainer Suley Gul.

Suley visited the school to talk to the pupils about the benefits of being active and got the children motivated with some fun exercises.

Churchfield headteacher Nicki Jaeggi explains: “Mental and physical health is a key focus for us but our Daily Mile had dwindled to more of a saunter, so we decided that it needed a relaunch. We wanted to encourage the children to enjoy and understand the benefits of exercise.

“We invited Suley in to inspire the children and he certainly did that. They had so much fun and now we can’t wait to get back into The Daily Mile, with a little help from our Sports Ambassadors here at Churchfield, who are amazing at motivating their fellow pupils to stay active.”

The Daily Mile is a national initiative to improve the physical and mental health of children. Children can run or jog at their own pace for 15 minutes a day, and this helps improve focus in the classroom.

Churchfield’s Sports Ambassadors have also launched challenges linked to the initiative so that children can measure their progress and see how their hard work leads to improvements in their fitness.