Children celebrate BrimFest

by | Oct 6, 2021 | News | 0 comments

Children at Brimsdown Primary School have been celebrating their wonderful, multicultural school community in a special event called BrimFest.

Pupils of all ages enjoyed sampling foods from around the world and taking part in various activities to learn more about different cultures. Their parents were also invited to join in the celebrations.

Brimsdown Headteacher, Dani Lang, explains: “BrimFest is an opportunity to celebrate the diversity of our school community and for our children to learn about different cultures. From dressing up, to new cuisines, to learning through art and reading, they had such a wonderful day, which was made even more special because they were able to share it with their parents.”

Dani adds, “We have a lot of exciting activities planned at Brimsdown, including some very special guests, and we’re all looking forward to the year ahead.”